May 8, 2017

IQF Freezing

For freezing berries, vegetables, seafood and other food products required to be frozen separately, we offer high quality IQF freezing service. IQF means – individually quick frozen and this method is widely used for frozen food products needed to be frozen separately from each other.

Process: IQF method involves sending individual food items on a sort of conveyor belt into a blast-freezer that freezes each item quickly and separately.

Benefits of IQF products:

  • Every frozen item is separated from each other, which decreases defrost process and makes food easier to process.
  • IQF products keep their natural shape and form better
  • Shorter freezing process results as higher quality product with more natural and intense flavor

Product examples: berries, small fruits, vegetables (for example cauliflower, green peas, broccoli), seafood, meat (burger patties, meatballs, dumplings, breaded chicken breasts and wings) and many more.

Production Capacity: 5900 kg /hr (12980 lbs/hr)

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