Food production

Dumplings, varenyky, pancakes, salted pork speck and meat.
Brand manufacturer - Vecpilsētas receptes, OLDTOWN recipes.
We can develop a private lable that is tailored for your needs!

Freezing and storage services

Shock freezing, IQF freezing, 

rental of warehouses and packaging services.

Consultation of professional staff!


We offer high-quality  frozen foods for customers in the retail, private label, catering and HoReCa sectors. Our capabilities include the development of a new product or the exact replication of existing recipes, as well as full weighing, packaging and storage services.



We produce products under our own brand, as well as under your private brand.
Modern and innovative means of ensuring high quality standards to meet the requirements and needs of the frozen food industry. The production is fully certified and approved by the local food and veterinary service. Located just 50 km from the city of Riga and have direct access to the seaport of Skulte.

The team consists of honest and experienced members, many of them industry professionals for 20 years.


Shock freezing is the most popular way to save food today. Freezing allows you to keep unchanged the structural and chemical characteristics of food. If freezing and the subsequent defrosting process are carried out correctly, then the products after thawing will practically not differ from fresh ones. The temperature range is from -18 to -36 degrees C.

Process: The forced-air freezer is an improved version of the cold store because it uses convection to circulate cold air through the freezer. Freezers use stationary or pumped air as a medium, and the product is stored in static rooms in freezers.


Suitable for almost any type of food

Carts and racks can be replaced and moved

Large capacity and storage space with easy access

Production capacity: Capacity up to 20,000 kg per cycle


For freezing berries, vegetables, seafood and other food products that need to be frozen separately, we offer high-quality IQF freezing service. IQF means - individually quick-frozen, and this method is widely used for frozen foods that need to be frozen separately from each other.

Process: The IQF method involves sending individual food items onto a conveyor belt to the freezer, which quickly and separately freezes each item.

Examples of products include berries, small fruits, vegetables (such as cauliflower, green peas, broccoli), seafood, meat (meatballs, dumplings, breaded chicken breasts and wings) and much more.


Each frozen product is separated from each other, which reduces the defrosting process and facilitates food processing

Virtually no damage to the internal structure of products

Significant increase in shelf life

A shorter freezing process gives a better product with a more natural and intense taste

Production capacity: up to 3,000 kg / h.


We provide everything you need for food storage. Innovative equipment, safe and well organized, which allows us to provide customers with a full range of services at a very important stage in the distribution of food.

The main features of the objects:

4 cameras, total capacity 820 m2

Loading docks

Services available 24/7


We provide full packaging and packaging services. High speed and accuracy of several weighing heads and packaging machines

Key Features:

Packaging design in accordance with individual branding in accordance with customer requirements

Custom packaging weight

Customized storage solutions for boxes and pallets




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Upes street 56, Zvejniekciems, Latvia, LV-2161

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Upes street 56, Zvejniekciems, Latvia, LV-2161

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